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What’s Out of Whack?

Not sure what’s wrong?  Do you just feel off?  Like so many of us, when it’s go time, we rarely have time for rest and sometimes overall balance in the face of the To Do List.

Sometimes, it’s not that at all.  Sometimes we’ve crossed off the workouts, eaten clean and/or taken the time out when needed.

Feeling run down despite your best efforts can sometimes mean that your hormone levels are needing an adjustment.  They balance a lot of our every day functions from the back end.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that when they are working optimally, we are too.

1)   Write it down.
What’s going on?  Just like we suggest for journaling for your eating habits to track what’s going on,  track times and days as to when the symptoms change, and wait a little to see what patterns are emerging.

2)   Talk to a variety of professionals.

Not all professionals are created equal but each professional that specializes in health and wellness offers a wealth of expertice and knows a little bit about a very large topic.   So get a few opinions.  Don’t just stick to one voice.  Bring your written observations in over what’s going on to get better solutions and advice.

3)   Look for ways to solve the issue naturally when possible

What we’re consuming can increase inhibit the proper release of cortisol, endorphins as well as other hormones that balance out our energy levels and moods.  Returning to a balance might mean cutting out the coffee for a week or two or adding a specific vitamin.  The process of elimination is key.

4)   Remember the 3 Rs: Relax, Reflect, and Recharge

Maybe it’s your signal for a time out in a big way.   The spa is there for a reason.  Call up a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a very long time.  Make time for laughter and your brand of fun whatever this looks like.

So there you have it.  Love shouldn’t be something that is reserved for some but not others.  Love freely and liberally with your body.  Take care and if you are looking for accountability in this area  our UProgram and UKits are all about solutions with U in mind.

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08 Apr, 2016