What’s In Your Coconut Water?

So why should I be selective about my coconut water brand?

So we endorse coconut water through and through.  For so many reasons this isotonic beverage stabilizes blood sugars, replenishes our electrolytes naturally without the need for additives and artificial flavourings.

For those of you sticking to a meal plan for weight balance or loss, the drink just rains in beneficial reasons to add it in.  When strolling the grocery aisle do consider these factors before picking your next go to brand:

Does it pass the label test?

Does it say any added sugar?  How much sugar? A not so well known fact is that not all coconut waters are processed equally.  Some harvested coconuts sit in huge vats before they make it to the processing plant and often to hide how this affects the drinks flavor, the brand often needs to add sugar, sulphites, amongst other things.  You may not already like those brands anyways as they might taste a bit off or too sugary.  If it’s natural sugars only, it should be far less than any other sugary drink.

Does it pass the taste test?

It should feel as if you’re transported to a tropical destination when you sip it.  It shouldn’t need the added sugar.

What Does It Come In?

Call us sticklers for environmental friendliness, but sustainability saves the world or at least keeps it going. Let’s be kind and give back to the planet we rely on.   Without it, there would be no coconut water.  Look for a tetra pack packaging.  It’s made from paper fibers.

If you’re looking for the brand that gets our seal of approval because they stand out on all of these , look no further than King Island Coconut Water.

In showing you how much we appreciate what these guys do for replenishing our thirst, we’re giving away cases of 12 tetra pack coconut waters with every UKIT purchase this month.   To find out about other ways this brand is making a positive impact, head on over to their story on their website.

Curious about how to incorporate coconut water into your meals with the guess work taken out of recipes planning and portions?  Look no further than our meal portion control system we’ve just rolled out called the UKIT!

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03 Oct, 2016