Shon Wong

Shon Wong

Shon Wong, Chinese Military trained, is the creator of Eat Play Love’s Combat Program and the founder of Eastern Edge Training. Through his years of training Shon created the “5 Phases of the Eastern Edge” system – Carving, Modeling, Casting, Construction, Polish.The 5 Phases begin by understanding what you have, what you want and what strategy is best to attain your goals. Shon tells his clients: “like any good craftsman, I follow a process that is detailed oriented, logical and precise. Think of coming to me as entering a workshop where you’re there to work on your body, not merely to workout”.

In the end, the ultimate goal of the 5 Phases is to sculpt strong dynamic bodies, resolve any lingering injuries, connect any loose wires and make your body run efficiently and effectively at optimal power and speed. Shon adds “I focuse on giving you all the deep level core connection sought after in the east while adhering to the laws of the wild west”.

“As a professional dancer and competitive gymnast I never have had such an overall and balanced exercise program. I’ve been looking for a workout like this my whole life.” – Geneen

“I am greatful to Shon for taking my fitness level up to a new level. Shon imparts his wisdom which is best described as east meets west. These two together create the perfect fitness combination, including motivation and technique. Shon’s passion with the human physique and the human spirit has postively influenced my approach to a life of fitness. Thanks Shon!!!” – Jolie


09 Nov, 2014