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Rachel Rozen

Rachel, certified Yoga instructor, is the creator of Eat Play Love’s Yoga Surge – a modern flow designed specifically for the workout enthusiast. Yoga Suge incorporates postures intended to stretch, elongate and rejuvenate!

Rachel has additional training in Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa for Youth and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She says “I encourage students to be genuine and authentic. Bringing Yoga to fitness-minded individuals is very rewarding as this population needs heavy stretching, flexibility, balance and breath in their current fitness regimes.  I strive to make my classes assessable and relatable to those of us living busy BIG-city lives”.

“Loved these classes.  Super energetic, fun and supportive.  Rachel makes everyone at all levels feel comfortable and gives excellent guidance.  I’ve not only learned so much and become more active, but also mentally stimulated as in the fact that there is so much positive energy going out every time I go to a class.  I highly recommend Rachel and her classes for a wonderful Yoga experience.”  – Samira Masoumi

“I clicked with Rachel’s teaching style right away!  She has a very welcoming presence and always greets us with a smile.  As Rachel begins her class, you can tell that she brings a sense of joy to her teaching.  She laughs and this keeps the mood light while maintaining the integrity of the journey.  She manages her classes with creativity by providing modifications for partial or full expression of the poses.  This allows you to feel comfortable depending on your experience or how you feel on that particular day.  You can tell she loves what she is doing and that is very infectious.”  – Stacey Yip


01 Dec, 2014