Alex Morin

Alex has been enrolled in sports, fitness and martial arts since the early age of 4. He successfully competed in his first cross country skiing marathon at the age of 8 and earned his first karate black belt at 14. Alex hosts an intensive background in track and field, hockey, mountain biking, triathlons, water skiing, kick boxing, Muay Thai and other mixed martial arts. Alex has over a decade of personal training experience, starting in Beverly Hills, California. His attention to each client and innate motivational skills make him one of the best.

“Alex has pushed me beyond my known limits through his innovative techniques and no-excuses approach to training. You haven’t worked out until you’ve had a session with Alex!”


“I’ve won the Novice Division of the 2003 B. C. Indoor Provincial Rowing Championship that takes place every year at St. Georges School in Vancouver. I believe that I am the oldest athlete ever to win this division at 42 years of age. I have worked with Olympic-calibre coaches and athletes in recent years and benefited from each. I have found that Alex Morin’s knowledge and training methods to be above most other fitness instructors.”



09 Dec, 2014