From Ashley:
Hi! I’m so happy and grateful that I decided to sign up after reading the one blog that inspired me! I can’t remember her name but something about what she wrote hit me in just the right way. My vain side wanted to lose 30lbs but really my soul wanted to get out of the rut of immobility and emotional eating and the whole vicious cycle that goes with that. I was eating well before ie. lots of greens and clean protein but I wasn’t aware of portion control and eating crap in between those meals. I needed to learn how to look after myself instead of everyone else along with learning to love what I have now, not what I had then. I needed to re-learn the value of movement and exercise as well as learn new ways to incorporate this into the work life I have now – a very sedentary and restrictive one.

With the program I was able to eat regularly and healthily and eliminate the need or impulse to eat chips or chocolate bars. I also learned on the days that I didn’t do well with eating regularly how much I wanted to eat crap from sheer hunger and negative self talk for messing the day’s routine up in the first place! I know now the vast difference I feel on the days I eat properly as opposed to those that I don’t. I also learned that every day is a new day and it’s okay to start over and not look back. THAT was huge! I’m in no way saying it was easy but what I am saying is that I learned. And that’s what I wanted. Another knowledge I reaffirmed was that I love the freedom of being able to try all sorts of foods – I love to cook and eat delicious foods! This part didn’t fit so well with the very structured way of the eating plan and I was definitely sick of eating the same thing week after week. I realized that I can still try all those delicious foods with a few bites and that it doesn’t have to be a lot to feel like I’ve not been deprived of something good. Prepping all the food the night before became tedious for me as I was often exhausted at the end of the day. I never quite found a solution to make it a bit more streamlined.

As to the workouts, the set up was great! I loved having the videos to follow as I am quite hopeless at remembering how to do one exercise let alone several. They were quick and efficient which I loved too! I could do them upstairs at home or down in the gym and didn’t need much to complete them all. Yes, I hated the burpees, with a vengeance. Mostly, of course, because I couldn’t do them very well and my belly was always in the way. That just pissed me off and would start negative self talk – which actually was good because I knew that it was ‘all in my head’ and I kept pushing myself. Actually, that’s a good segway. One of the reasons that I have so many issues with my body, pain wise, is, in my opinion, because of past injuries when I should have stopped and looked after myself but didn’t. I would push and push and I think I learned to live with ongoing injuries which should have healed much quicker but instead persisted. So, with this I had trouble with some of the exercises. Things that were weight bearing on my shoulders, particularly the left one and exercises where I had to lift my arms over my head. In this regard, I think I would’ve been better with one on one training or a more personalized program. Having said that, I had Jon to help me find alternates that were easier on my body.

The exercise portion of the program did just what I had hoped. It reminded me again of the feeling of consistent exercise and more importantly it gave me a new realization of the drastic difference in my overall mood, self confidence/esteem, energy, and pain level when I didn’t do much for longer than one to two days. I would start to go downhill in all regards and I also found it a challenge to start again not only from a motivation perspective but also from a physical capability standpoint. The more consistent I was the better I felt in all aspects. Imagine that!! Ha. One of the best things that have come out of the exercise portion of the program is my ability to ride my bike all the way to work and back again! It took a bit of organization and a bit of extra time to get cleaned up once I got there but I loved how I was commuting, burning off the significant stress of the day, and working out all at the same time! And I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I do! Now I’m thinking about hiking Joffre Lakes as I so very  much want to see that amazing blue water!!

As to what my  plan is going forward – I’m going to continue with the cycling and going to yoga. Hikes come here and there for now as there’s just so many activities to do on the weekend! I have learning to run in my sights and I know the cycling is helping to strengthen my legs, glutes, and hips all the while going easy on my shoulders and neck. When I switch over to the late shift again in September I will need to revise my daily routine accordingly and I will buy a proper pass from YYoga and start regular Flow classes with the intent of working up to Power once I am strong enough. My daily nutrition plan continues to be portion and calorie conscious during the week and a little more lax on the weekend. 🙂 I may sign up for one of EPL’s courses once I feel confident that I can participate well and consistently.

Lastly, I want to say to you how much I enjoyed working with you. I love how it was you and your program who inspired me to make a change and helped me do it. All business aside, you are a lovely soul and I’m so very happy that Sean and you found each other in life – it’s so lovely to see.

All the very best and with many, many thanks,

Ashley xoxo


01 Sep, 2016