Stay-On-Track Summer Guide

So as the outdoors call, keep us up at night, and generally romance us throughout the summer, remember that keeping your plans to continue to stay on track with your weight loss goals don’t get swept aside by barbecue dates, beach lounging or the impromptu road trip.

We’ve all been there. Summer living is where it’s at. But when the sunshine is out and the Vitamin D is absorbing at lightning speed, it’s easy to forget the end goal in site for the sake of ‘having fun.’

Not that we’re on fun patrol but remember everything within moderation and incorporate incorporate incorporate!

Make sure to infuse your meals

Not sure what this means? During the warmer months of the year, we tend to lose weight by skipping meals or diminishing our calorie intake. If you’re looking to still tone and burn throughout the summer make sure you find ways to fit in appropriate calories. Even if you don’t feel like eating, perhaps add avocado to your smoothies as well as drinking lots of coconut water will help you with electrolyte replacement and making sure you are keeping to nutrient dense alternatives even if you wish to forego the regular meals in your meal plan because it’s too hot to cook.
If you’re having a hard time enticing yourself to eat, depriving your body of the necessary nutrients becomes a ball and chain for your metabolism. Need a boost from an expert, Eric our Fitness Nutritionist is on hand to help with any questions you may be facing.

Limit Alcoholic Intake

What do we mean by that? Yes, we’re being the kill buzz. Literally. When it’s too hot to cook it’s tempting to drink our calories. Alcohol is empty calories. Sunny day, don’t care? The answer is often find a patio and a beer. Who are we kidding? But if you’re looking to keep on track and you want to thank us later with keeping your waistline in check avoid the sauce.


What you do in the margin area, is up to you. Find ways to pamper yourself with things that don’t require eating. So all this talk about scheduling and plan plan plan leaves me less motivated when all I want to do is have fun. Make sure there is space for that too. Just don’t go overboard. Plan a cheat day. ONCE A WEEK. Hear that. Not once a day, that’s once a week. You’re allowed something, not everything. Something, a treat.


We couldn’t say it better ourselves than Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec. Treat Yo Self. But within reason. If your treats used to be extremely rich foods, find lighter, less taxing items to enjoy. Over time, that really creamy rich, overly sweet cheesecake will not appeal on treat yourself day. Trust us. If you are following the rules like you should be, reintroducing sugary, high caloric, rich foods will leave you feeling ill.  So don’t go overboard. We promise your adjusted system will not be happy with you.

So as it is time to pull out the slip and slid and the sliders for the BBQ, remember to eat clean, play mean and love lean.

If you’re looking for that extra push to get you to bikini ready you in the next couple of weeks leading into the heat of the summer click here to get help on the last 10 pounds.

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02 Jun, 2016