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Hidden Culprits That Sabotage our Weight Loss Efforts

When you think of reaching your target weight loss goal right before this year’s bikini season – and might we add, every season should be considered as bikini season. Go on, you deserve that December trip to Hawaii – we often don’t consider some of the hidden threats to what we’re working towards. You may want to take some time to evaluate the following aspects when doing your target weight loss goals.


We’ve all been there. Our schedules become sporadic stressful and out of control. The more stressful an environment we’re in, the more we secrete cortisol – that unnerving fat storing molecule that makes it almost impossible to balance out unless we’re working out and eating clean. Take stock of what can be let go of in your daily life. You don’t have to be an octopus. And some things can wait until next week too. We promise.


Sometimes our friends can be a hard hurdle. Not because they aren’t great but mostly because old habits die hard. And who did you form those habits with? Probably your friends as when you get together, food is often a huge part of connecting. Look for ways to change what you consume when you get together. If it’s drinks you get together for, remember you don’t have to drink. But if it’s too tempting, change the scene, change the menu or change the friends if they can’t be supportive and understanding enough.


You want to lose weight but it hasn’t become ENOUGH OF A PRIORITY. We’re often dealing with the top 5 things in life that are a priority. Everything else tends to fall to the wayside. So make it a priority and then plan around that accordingly. It will make a difference. Push through tired. Push through not today. Push through the I can’t, I won’t etcetera.


Evaluate these. Have you lost weight? Are you doing what you need to do? Perhaps you’ve been too hard on yourself and it is just taking your body to adjust and find it’s groove. You may be consistently working out but not seeing your 6 pack yet…” ALSO you may not be working out EFFICIENTLY. It’s there. Ice bergs don’t melt over night. Remember that. It’s a journey and a process that takes reapplying yourself mentally and physically every single day.   Really it becomes a way of life.

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Get Serious About the Last 10 lbs


02 May, 2016