Squash It Sweatcation

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Event Information:

Date: 18.07.2015

Place: Deep Cove

Partners: You and Friends

Additional info: Lose inches, lean up for your best swimsuit tone with our 3.5 hours of specialty Eat Play Love trainers. KAYAK Sweatcations are meant to maximize your calorie burn, increase your endurance and tone your whole body. Add CirCUT and ABSolute into the mix and you've got the ultimate full body toning workout. Not sure you can do 3 hours? Whether you're just starting out or your a training superstar, you can! The secret is you go at your own pace. Our specialized 3 hours are all different and push you to different intensity intervals. Our Eat Play Love Trainers specialize in each challenge they put you through. Only 12 Spots Available. Reserve at: info@eatplaylovefitness.com. Remember our Bring 3 Yours is FREE FriendREWARDS Promo!

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