Don’t Skip These Jump Rope Facts

Don’t Skip Over the Fun Jump Rope Facts:

Skip rope is a great indoor and outdoor activity. It can be done alone and or with multiple people. There are so many reasons to add it to your workout but did you know the following benefits every time you skip? Check it out!

  • It’s about the calorie burn!

Not every calorie burn is made equal.

Don’t under estimate a half an hour skip rope session. Burn a total of 480 calories in 30 minutes. If 30 minutes seems too much, break it up into 3 10 minute sessions and add it in in as your warm up round, a HIIT then a midway heart pumper and then finish off the workout.

  • It’s a great agility exercise

Trying to strengthen your ankles, add a skip to your step. To lighten your step, skip every day to build up. Your feet body mind connection will make neural muscular changes to help support your balance. You’ll feel more coordinated quik and agile in no time! Boxers often cross train with jump rope. Add this favourite exercise and you’ll be twinkle toes in no time!

  • Increase bone density?

Yes you heard us right!   This is a medum impact activity and surprisingly increases bone density but isn’t as hard on your joints as running as the absorption of the down movement is absorbed by both feet instead of one at a time. Build up a good combat routine against the effects of aging and osteoporosis while you can.

  • Brain Benefits?

Even as little as 20 minutes is good for your brain. BUT since skipping/jump rope involves mental and physical from you, it is greater of an impact on cognitive functioning. It improves your rhythm and strategy and challenges areas of coordination as previously mentioned. Build up to some jump rope tricks. We dare you.


  • It’s Grab-n-Go Gym Equipment

You can take a jump rope almost anywhere and is still one of the most affordable forms of exercise. It doesn’t take up a lot of space either.

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03 Aug, 2016