Training with Eat Play Love has motivated me and kept me more consistent with my workouts than any other exercise program. Every 4 weeks I establish a realistic list of goals with my trainer that keep me focused in my workouts and day to day eating habits. Who thought I would actually enjoy things like quinoa and spirulina!
Each week my trainer designs an exercise program that brings variety by introducing new challenges inside and outside of the gym. These challenges drive results but also work on improving my overall fitness level and health. I now also ENJOY things like the Grouse Grind – which before I would have NEVER thought possible! My initial goal was to lose the extra pounds and inches I had slowly gained over the years. In my first 12 weeks I lost 20 pounds, 10 inches and 10% bodyfat. Now 5 years later, I have kept it all off and am my lowest body fat % ever!


15 Dec, 2014